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Telecom Services

Professional Services Effectiveness Large Telco Collaborated with professional services division executives to implement best practices in managing professional services to add value to large Telecom services customers. 

Market defence strategy

Local Telco coalition

When competition was introduced in Canada, assisted based on interviews major account buyers, companies with exemplary account retention records and research on account retention

Market defence strategy

Local Telco coalition

Strategy for using selected insurgent LD companies as distribution channels maximizing profits to the coalition, based on telco economics and experience and interviews with insurgent telcos

Entry business plan

Large insurgent LD carrier

Prepared the initial market size, market growth, price changes and margin models for entry to the Canadian long distance market

Market forecast

Large insurgent LD carrier

Prepared long term forecasts of market size stabilization and margin erosion factors the company’s CFO, using industry data and public hearing transcripts from Canada and the United States

VoIP Economic Study

Regional Cable Company

Evaluated Voice over Internet Protocol economics and technology for a regional cable company, recommending against expansion of pilot projects to address the mass market

Business outlook assessment

National retailer

Assessed the profit outlook for residential long distance services, recommending and assisting with the sale of the business unit

Outsourcing savings assessment

Regional telco

Benchmarked billing and remittance processing showing potential for very large annual savings from outsourcing

Buyer search

Long distance reseller

Conducted a search for buyers of the assets of a failing long distance reseller that a large U.K. telephone company had acquired , and advised that bankruptcy was appropriate

Late entry LD strategy

Mid-sized insurgent LD carrier

Strategy based on national poll of residential long distance buyers and evaluation of regional advertising spend by incumbent telcos

Value added wireless services strategy

Regional Telco

Strategy based on interviews with potential buyers, distributors and competitors

Strategy for support of local telco services

Regional telco

Strategy based on interviews with potential buyers, distributors and competitors


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Last modified: April 18, 2010