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Telecom Products

Adoption of VoIP (voice over internet protocol)

Large telecom switch manufacturer

Evaluated telecom carriers’ adoption of systems carrying voice traffic over Internet protocol, using interviews with European and North American decision makers and recommended products and services maximizing sustainable competitive advantage

Networking systems strategy

Mid-sized telecom switch manufacturer

Designed strategy to profitably penetrate the Canadian business and government markets based on in-depth interviews with buyers, potential distributors and competitors

Key account refocusing

Network systems company

Conducted interviews with buyers and sales people to understand pricing and service problems that were causing unexpected key account losses  

Initial business plan and executive staffing

Mid-sized telecom switch manufacturer

Developed  initial business plan and recruited the first president for the Canadian subsidiary

Sales organization design and management assignment

Mid-sized telecom switch manufacturer expanding into US

Designed structure and recommended assignments of existing executive team, for selling to US telcos, businesses and governments


Market focus and management practices

Company selling products to telco switch makers

Recommended a broad set of changes to improve results

Telecom Services

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Last modified: April 18, 2010