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Computer Services Continued

Services positioning

Large government owned utility

Recommended changes to leadership, organization and competencies to sell process reengineering and deployment services to government agencies, based on in-depth interviews with senior public servants

Global market “track and trace” solutions

Large government owned utility

Designed a consulting and software offering for the global markets of postal services and small package delivery businesses based on interviews with front line consultants, potential partners, buyers and competitors

Alternative service evaluation and recommendation

Large government owned utility

Estimated the value chain of retail banks from industry statistics and transcripts of government hearings and interviews with bankers and recommended an online change of address service

Expanded service offerings and changed sales methods

Large computer maker

Broadened the mission of a division from field engineering to professional support services 

Design of a global consulting service

Regional telco

Design based on the capabilities in a research and innovation center at a regional telephone company and interviews with potential buyers and competitors


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Last modified: April 18, 2010