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Execution Keys Integrated with EMBA Degrees


Education for strategy execution will be: 

  • Practical: Professor's substantial  sales and operational experience (Dr. Gordon  Lucas)
  • Academic Quality: University of Fredericton's Academic Board and President are committed to specialty track education to empower strategy execution
  • Credits towards EMBA: Executive education for execution built to EMBA standards receives EMBA credit
  • If a university's brand is on executive education, why wouldn't the course earn EMBA credit?    

The keys to execution (for example Sales Leadership applied to executing a Strategy) deserve to be integral to EMBA degrees.  

Remember that many strategies' execution require changes in what or how you sell.  

Why don't business schools teach sales as a key part of EMBA's?  Partly for historical reasons, and partly because there's little movement between the business school world and the operational world. 

Professor Lucas has sold and delivered  IT systems profitably in real world executive roles, he consults to top executives and he teaches real students.  Some executives become Deans at business schools and find out that the professors research and teach what interests them.  And their backgrounds don't yell out the strategy execution message: 

"Nothing happens until someone sells something - and it better be the right thing"           


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Last modified: April 18, 2010