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Dr. Gordon Lucas

Uniquely combining thought leadership and actual operating leadership, Professor Lucas sold half of the first 50 computer outsourcing contracts in Canada, doubled the revenue of Hitachi's mainframe business and turned it from a loss to a profit in one year,  reversed 5 years of revenue decline at Unitel and turned Datacrown from a loss to a profit in only 6 months.  

He helps clients see how to grow profitably, helps teach the key elements of implementation and integrates this education into EMBA's from the University of Fredericton.  

Professor of Strategy, University of Fredericton and Lecturer at the University of Toronto, 2006-2010.  

President, Lucas Strategy, 1990-2010.

Senior Vice President, Unitel (now Allstream), 1988-1989.

General Manager, Hitachi Data Systems Canada, 1986-1987.

Datacrown Inc. (now part of IBM Global Services), 1972-1985: Chief Operating Officer: 1982-1985, Group Vice President, Data Systems: 1979-1982, Vice President, Professional Services: 1976-1979, Sales and Marketing Management: 1972-1976.

IBM Canada Ltd., Marketing Representative, 1968-1972.  

PhD (Management), University of Bradford, UK, 1996.

MBA (Organization and Management), Syracuse University, NY, 1987.

MA (Economics), University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1968.


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Last modified: April 18, 2010