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Executive Counsel

Client development

Top tier global Management Consulting company

Six year engagement, developing the client base in the technology industry`

Strategic planning

Global office products leader

Advised planning executive on strategic planning processes

Market dynamics

Control systems company

Evaluated security monitoring services to recommend positioning

Organizational development

Regional auto club

Worked with the CEO of a regional auto club, assisting in developing the clubís management team and processes, and evaluating long term auto club directions, including the effect of telematics services like General Motorsí OnStar service

Negotiation assistance

Large retailer

Advised the credit card subsidiary during complex financial negotiations with insurers for several product offerings

Global executive education strategy

Large, private US research university

Recommended a global strategy for sales and sales leadership education using interviews with actual and prospective students and a process to build consensus within the university

MIS and new product development functions

Large government owned utility

Advised newly arrived Executive Vice President on organization structure and assignments of existing managers

Merits of proposed litigation

Top North American law firm

Advised in the wake of a failed ERP system integration

Telecoms policy influence

Industry coalition

Advised the CEO seeking more competitive telecommunications markets in Canada, recruiting coalition members, publishing an influential book supporting competition                         


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Last modified: April 18, 2010