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Develop/Keep Key People

Education supporting your strategy execution and tuned to your key people:
  • Key People are Busy - Online EMBA fits busy lives
  • Key People are Experienced - and expect the same from professors
  • Key People notice when you invest in them - Online EMBA costs much less
  • Key People will stay when 
    • They contribute - senior customers use the MBA vocabulary
    • They get support - your HQ staff use the MBA toolkit
    • Gulfs are bridged between HQ on one hand and the IT and Sales aces on the other  

Use education to execute strategy more effectively, and save 25-50% while you develop and keep key people. 

EMBA's can be costly: $50,000 to over $100,000 in tuitions alone.

EMBA's may need expensive add-ons because many business schools don't give degree credits for their IT and sales leadership courses.

And customization doesn't just cost, at many universities it's painfully slow.

Think of Lucas and the University of Fredericton as quick and inexpensive.  

A hint: EMBA tuition is $27,000 before adding specialty tracks to accelerate your strategy execution.            


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Last modified: April 18, 2010