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Computer Services

Designed a business model

Consortium of a Japanese hardware manufacturer and two Canadian banks

Evaluated business model of computer services to help US correspondent banks with widely use electronic cash services

Sales strategy

Large US outsourcing company

Recommended change in sales style to remedy  hostility among Canadian buyers,  based on in-depth buyer interviews

Sales strategy and offering differentiation

Large hardware manufacturer

Recommended changes overcoming buyer scepticism, enabling client to become Canada’s top IT services provider

Strategic alternatives

Large computer manufacturer moving into networking

Recommendations based on interviews with buyers, client sales people and competitors, and a review of public data

Subsidiary sale

Regional telco

Evaluated alternatives and recommended sale of a minority interest in an outsourcing company to the majority partner

Outsourcing service level and pricing agreement

Regional telco

Utilized in-depth benchmarking to negotiate an $800 million/year systems development, maintenance and outsourcing agreement

Best Demonstrated Practices

Regional telco

Advised a large outsourcing user on organization and systems project priorities, during the systems revision phase following a business transformation project

Call Centre outsourcing

Consortium of two telcos

Advised on service offering for sustained competitive advantage, based on interviews with buyers and competitors

Growth strategy selling to e-BUsinesses

Joint venture between large hardware manufacturer and medium sized bank

Recommended product and services based on competitive cost information and interviews with buyers and competitors


Campus network outsourcing offering

Large telecom switch manufacturer

Offering to Fortune 500 corporations based on interviews with F500 CIO (or their direct reports) and competitors

Services Continued

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Last modified: April 18, 2010