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Executive Counsel

Not every engagement changes strategy or core businesses. Some address ongoing needs: 

  • The Education/Execution mix for Client Strategy

  • EMBA credits for the Education/Execution mix 

  • Key negotiations with suppliers, clients or investors

  • Interpreting economic and technical forecasts for planning 

  • Assessing obstacles to needed change

  • Clarifying alternatives for decision-making 

  • Clarifying executive or governance roles. 

Executive Counsel Clients have included:

  • A Professional Services Executive, finding a role with his product sales peers

  • A product champion transitioning to Vice President

  • A product manager, progressing to VP then CEO

  • A Canadian enroute to CIO of a Fortune 100 firm

  • A young President renewing a troubled mid-sized business

F100 CIO   VP to CEO   Product Champ to VP  Young President


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Last modified: April 18, 2010