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Lucas Strategy's practice is driven by Clients' business priorities. The services Lucas has developed reflect client priorities encountered 1990 - 2010.  Gordon Lucas meets client needs with unique abilities.  He's a strategy professor with over forty years' leadership success in sales, and operating businesses where IT matters.   

Client Business Priorities

  • Realizing business opportunities where IT matters

  • Improving  growth and profitability 

  • Differentiating products or services

  • Developing and retaining extraordinary people    

Services to Address Client Priorities 

  • Strategy Consulting and Executive Counsel

  • Execution Faster and more Effectively through Education that will

  • Clarify the skills and knowledge that create value

  • Teach the skills and practices that accelerate growth

  • Provide guidance implementing systems to support profit growth    

  • Set up key performance metrics

  • Provide credits toward EMBA's to help grow and retain key people              

  • Help Building the Core Business and Dealing with Non-Core Businesses

Thought leadership and in-depth experience

Strategy Execution accelerated through Education and

Credit towards EMBA's for people whose development and retention are keys to success

 (Education for Strategy Execution


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Last modified: April 18, 2010